Must-Visit Attractions On Florida’s Panhandle ‘Forgotten Coast’


Anyone seeking out attractions on the Florida Panhandle should become familiar with ‘The Forgotten Coast’ and its must-see sights. We’ll share a few of our favorites today:

The Florida Panhandle’s ‘Forgotten Coast’ refers to the coastline regions of:

  • St. George Island
  • Carrabelle
  • Alligator Point
  • Eastpoint
  • Apalachicola

For a trip that, ironically, won’t be quickly forgotten, study up on the coastal attractions you must see while visiting!

St. George Island

St. George Island is a lovely 22-mile barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. The island is home to some of the Sunshine State’s most pristine beaches, along with a little something to do for everyone. On this beautiful Island, there are no tall buildings, just a carefree atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and untamed wildlife. 

The uncrowded beaches are ideal for family-friendly activities such as:

  • shelling
  • building sand castles
  • swimming
  • fishing
  • paddling in the crystal-clear gulf waters

Are you prepared to connect with nature? Explore the unspoiled bay marshes of St. George Island to see the rare fauna and breathtaking sunsets. Are you feeling daring? Rent a scooter, bicycle, kayak, or boat to explore the Island! A short drive from Ho-Hum, this is the perfect day trip while you are here.

Check out St. George Island’s Beach Access in the picture below:

Florida panhandle attraction St. George Beach
Photo by Clayton Malquist on Unsplash

Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park

Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park is a location of simplicity and beauty. The park capitalizes on the barrier island’s magnificent surroundings with its mesmerizing white, sparkling sand.  

Did we mention the wildlife? From dolphins swimming and jumping just offshore to sea turtles breeding and birds migrating, it’s breathtaking!

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

One of the first refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System is the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. Founded in 1931 as a winter habitat for migrating birds, it covers over 83,000 acres along the panhandle coast. 

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge provides a variety of attractions. Animals such as black bears, otters, alligators, and several bird species all call the refuge home. 

Fishing enthusiasts can choose from various freshwater and saltwater fish and many incredible fishing locations. Bring your boat? Direct access to the St. Marks River and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico is provided by a boat ramp next to the lighthouse.

Bald Point State Park

One of the most picturesque parks in the state is Bald Point State Park. Located less than 30 minutes from Ho-Hum RV park, the park’s 4,000 acres offers a little something for everyone. 

Bird watchers especially adore the park for its extensive biodiversity and the variety of bird species that can be seen there. The raptors that migrate to the region, such as bald eagles, make Bald Point home over the winter. The Monarch butterfly also migrates through this area, and during the right time of year, thousands of them swarm here.

monarch butterflies make bald point state park a big attraction on the florida panhandle
Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

Big Bend Scenic Byway

Big Bend Scenic Byway’s 220 miles are more than simply a route to a destination; they are also some of the state’s most picturesque areas. Case and point, over 2,500 plant species and 300 bird species have been sighted in the area. 

Numerous parks and animal refuges that encircle the Scenic Byway provide a wealth of additional natural wonder. It even allows travelers to see the coast and the inland, and it’s easy to pit stop whenever. The byway passes directly past Ho-Hum, making it the perfect spot to stay on your journey. Even if you can’t stay, stop by and say hi!

Ho-Hum RV Park makes the perfect place to stay when seeing attractions on the Florida Panhandle
Ho-Hum RV Park

Carrabelle History Museum

The Carrabelle History Museum has been a community staple for decades. It’s been collecting local images, records, souvenirs, and other artifacts to preserve the region’s history. 

The museum is housed inside the former Carrabelle City Hall and has four rooms filled with instructive and cultural exhibits. A display on the Native Americans who previously lived in Carrabelle and the ancient steamer Tarpon are two centerpieces. Just 10 minutes down the road, this is an excellent stop while passing through Carrabelle from the park.

Crooked River Lighthouse and Museum

When it comes to exploring attractions on the Florida Panhandle, this one may be the coolest! Built in 1895, the 103-foot-tall iron lighthouse known as Crooked River has remained near Carrabelle since its inception. 

Today, visitors over 44 inches can pay $5 to climb the lighthouse’s 138 stairs to enjoy the fantastic views. Both the museum and gift store found on property are free to visitors, so stop on by!

Gunner Pontoon Rentals

If you find yourself in Carrabelle, make sure to take a pontoon, kayak, or paddle board out into the bay at Gunner Pontoon Rentals. Gunner rents out power boats, pontoon boats, kayaks, and paddle boards for full and half days. 

You’ll have to pay for the gas yourself, but trust us it will be worth it!

Dog Island and St. George Island are adjacent to Gunner Pontoon Rentals, and make great day trip destinations. Passengers can take advantage of the sun and sea by swimming, fishing, diving, or kicking back on the water. 

pontoon boat rental is a great attraction on the florida panhandle
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge

The St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge was first established to safeguard the habitat of local migratory birds and ducks. This enormous 12,492-acre refuge has been a tranquil sanctuary for animals and people since 1968. 

Home to bald eagles, sea turtles, red wolves, and other endangered species, it’s a fascinating property worth a stop. The different ecosystems, such as the salt marshes or the island dunes, provide optimal homes for these animals. 

The refuge offers a lot of fantastic walking and hiking routes, as well as opportunities for kayaking and fishing in its waterways. Visitors are encouraged to explore the area and take their time.


Now that you’re familiar with our favorite ‘Forgotten Coast’ attractions on the Florida Panhandle, come see for yourself! If you have an RV, even better!

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